Yandex.Webmaster is a service that provides you with information about the indexing of your websites. Webmaster lets you inform Yandex of new and deleted webpages, customize the indexing of your site and improve the ranking and appearance of your website in Yandex search results.

New feature

Upload a Sitemap to manage your site indexing and specify pages that should be indexed as a priority. You can use the Sitemap validator to check the Sitemap file for any errors before uploading to Yandex

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Webmaster provides
search statistics

Find out which searches most frequently trigger your site in our search results and what users from various regions search for before visiting your site. You can also get detailed statistics and site audience data by entering up to 500 of your own search queries.


Webmaster notifies
you about indexing problems

View a log of visits to your site from our indexing robot. This will help you uncover and iron out any errors that occurred while indexing your site. This section also contains server response information including HTTP codes and
the number of requests the indexing
robot makes to your site.

Webmaster gives
you control

Find out which pages of your site are available on Yandex search, ensure your site is being indexed correctly and receive timely notifications about any problems that arise..

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Webmaster improves
your site security

Yandex.Webmaster warns you if any malware or spam is detected on your site.

Check for malware

Read our recommendations on detecting and removing malware if your site is infected.

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