Welcome to Yandex Webmaster

Search query statistics

We track the search queries that return this site. The service allows you to monitor changes in displays, number of clicks, CTR snippets, and other indicators.

Site quality

We can offer suggestions on how to improve the site. Compare it with competitors' resources and get tips on how to make the site more useful and appealing.

Check how your site will work with mobile devices

We'll check to make sure your site is displayed correctly on smartphones and tablets. For example, we'll see if it contains any elements that create problems for mobile browsers.

Troubleshoot site problems

We will notify you of site errors and give recommendations for their removal. Yandex Webmaster automatically checks a site for more than 30 parameters.

Check for violations of search engine rules

We will tell you about all the violations found on the site. Information is collected in a special section. When all issues are fixed, you can report it to Yandex using the "I've fixed everything" button.

Working with site reviews

We will notify you of new site reviews so that you can respond to them promptly. Your comments will be marked as official.

Turbo pages for content sites

We will create a light version of the site that loads faster on mobile devices. This will help reduce bounces and increase your site's coverage and profit.

Page crawling

Search robots look for content originality and quality. We'll show you how to use Yandex Metrica tag crawling or the Sitemap file to inform our robot about new site pages faster.

Visualize your indexing stats

We'll put all main indexing indicators in a single interface: this makes it easier to monitor the data collection process and determine the cause of any indexing problem.

Manage your site structure

We'll help you group together small sections of the site and create shared virtual sections for pages from different sections. For example, this section can collect information on all pages with the word "table" in the address.