Yandex Webmaster is:
Direct analytics:
Direct analytics:
You get data directly from the Yandex search without any intermediary processing.
Free service:
Free service:
No fees or hidden surcharges.
Effective web analytics tools
Effective web analytics tools
in a single service and detailed information on the desired segment.
Tooltips inside the service
useful notifications and recommendations for your site.
Yandex ecosystem
Use other Yandex services to promote your site. We will tell you how to make a snippet of an organization with Yandex Business, set up instant logging in for users with Yandex ID, and check traffic with Yandex Metrica.
Get optimization advice
Recommendations are collected in the service: from selecting queries to increasing visibility in search results.

You will see notifications for your site in the form of a to-do list. If you follow these tips, your site can become of higher quality and more informative.

Настройте оповещение
Evaluate the quality of your site and manage reviews
Check the site quality index, monitor user ratings, and respond to their reviews about your site.
Compare your site with competitors and find out how to improve your performance.
Monitor the site status in the search
Learn about technical errors:
Missing meta tags.Pages with HTTP statuses 4XX (access error) or 5XX (server error).Landing page indexing issues.Finding out which version of the content is in the search.The service automatically checks the pages for about 40 parameters and gives recommendations for fixing errors.Monitoring site pages popular among users.
Yandex Webmaster is a reliable promotion tool


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